Anti-poaching and Law Enforcement


The vast majority of poaching incidents at Singita Grumeti involves commercial bush-meat poaching, however elephant poaching for ivory is a constant and increasing concern.  The Singita Grumeti Fund combines cutting-edge technology with boots on the ground to combat this dual-poaching threat.  We have established 12 permanent scout patrol camps and a network of high-lying Observation Posts which are manned 24/7.  Furthermore, a state-of-the-art digital radio network and accompanying law enforcement database ensure Grumeti’s limited resources are deployed efficiently and effectively.

Our law enforcement capabilities are augmented by an innovative program that takes ex-poachers and transforms them into wildlife protectors, while a new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAC) project is providing a technological edge to the Singita Grumeti Fund in the on-going war against poaching.  The next step will be the establishment of a much-needed Canine Unit.

Game scouts

The Singita Grumeti Fund employs a team of 120 game scouts.  All of these men come from the local communities bordering the concessions, and the vast majority have a history of poaching involvement.  The scouts undergo an intensive selection process for nine days,  and thereafter the successful candidates are enrolled on a month-long basic, field-ranger course that teaches them all the basic skills they will require, from the handling of weapons to the use of GPS units and first aid.

Intelligence and Informers

Within the law enforcement department, we have a dedicated intelligence unit.  This small clandestine unit relies upon on a network of informers from the surrounding villages and communities to provide us with invaluable intelligence on poacher movements.  This is of critical importance to ensuring our anti-poaching work is proactive rather than reactive.  We strive to apprehend poachers entering the concessions rather than engaging and arresting them after wildlife has already been killed.

Special Operations Teams

Within the game scout force, there is an elite special operations unit comprising 18 high-performing scouts that have proven themselves to be the best of the best: game scouts with unquestionable integrity and the highest work ethic.  They are provided with ongoing advanced training and high-tech equipment, as they are tasked with confronting the most serious security threats to the Singita Grumeti concessions.   They safeguard our critically-endangered black rhino and are deployed as rapid reaction units to engage active poaching threats.

Innovative technology

In order to enhance the effectiveness of our well-trained boots on the ground, the law enforcement team – in combination with Special Projects – is involved in developing and implementing a number of exciting technological innovations to enhance our operational effectiveness.  These projects, such as a new Canine Unit and reconnaissance drones program, will ensure that our limited anti-poaching resources are maximized.

Key Accomplishments

Fourfold increase in the elephant population despite the Africa-wide poaching pandemic

poachers arrested since the Fund was established

former poachers converted to wildlife protectors